So you want to rent from us? Contact by phone, email or drop in. Like all rental businesses, there are some contractual obligations to consider which you can review below in abbreviated detail. In exchange for your business, we promise a transparent and honest deal, no gimmicks!


Reach us by…..

Phone: (+95) 02-32850, 09-402544997, 09-43068299

Email: dreamlandguesthouse.mdy@gmail.com

Address: Corner of 69th and 37th Streets, Mandalay


Contractual Obligations:

1. Hirers must show valid driver’s license.

2. Hirer is responsible for vehicle’s condition and security during hire period.

3. Hirer must obey traffic laws, and is responsible for fees and fines incurred.

4. Hirer must not lend or sublet vehicle during hire period.

5. No more than two passengers may ride on motorbike at one time.

6. Rental period for one day is from 5am to 11pm unless otherwise agreed.

7. A deposit of the hirer’s passport¬†is required.

8. Hirer is responsible for fuel used during hire period.